Life is full up and down

Welcome to my page, you can follow my lifestyle.

A mother dreams to be a popular personal blogger and sharing my daily lifestyle.

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Busy mother

While I am writing here my daughter sitting on my laps while watching her favorite cartoons on tab. While my son is sleeping already.

Apple is good for health

One of the best foods that my daughter favorite is fruits. She loved eating fruits. Yesterday we went a driving tour in the forest to picking up berries while we driving she been eaten 2 apples. I am glad she love it. The best nutrients and vitamin she gets and good for her health too.

Daily lifestyle

As a mother with 2 kids the best things happens our lifestyle  when spending and eating together as a family . How's your daily life?

Well, I going  to make photography ideas that we can have memory every we had.

My Blog

Posts coming soon!


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Life is full up and down

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